Goose Down Pillows Buyers Guide

March 18, 2016

What is soft, warm, and supportive with the only desire to give you the best rest ever? Gooses down pillows are because no other kind of pillow gives such hypnotizing comfort for sleeping. That fluffy layer of soft down allows for the pillow to be folded, twisted, smashed or anything else required for those who need a ‘certain’ feel for their head.

Now that it is time for you to go out shopping for your bendy, soft down pillow, keep some of these tips in mind.

The characteristics to look for in a down pillow:

The necessary characteristics you should be looking for when buying your down pillows is size, style, and loft. If you concentrate on these three areas, you will inevitably find good value for the money.

When looking at goose down pillows consider the loft. This is the value of the amount of cubic inches which can be filled with an ounce of down. Loft amounts are at 300 to 900. Like down comforters, the higher the loft number is, the more expensive the pillow will be.

For a pillow to be a true goose down pillow it should contain at least 75 percent down. One important factor to look for is the manufacturer. There are many counterfeiters who use feather waste and synthetics and call it a down pillow.

Feather pillows are not down pillows. They are easily mistaken. You can tell the difference because the pillow will become flat relatively easy and lose its overall shape. Feathers will have a tendency to poke out and through the pillowcase. By comparison, the soft down feathers of goose retain their shape.

Check the firmness of the pillow. Some people prefer fluffier pillows while others who need more support for their head and neck will want the firmer goose down pillows.

Get the right size

Take into account your bed size, and the way you like to sleep. Standard pillows are smaller and offer less in the way of size and comfort. They have two dimensions which are length and width. Much of choosing a proper size is dependent on personal choice. Common sense rules in this department, as most people know a single pillow is the option for a twin bed, and so on.

Type of Pillow

Dimensions of the Pillow

Cot Bed

36 cm x 58 cm

Small Square

40 cm x 40 cm


50 cm x 75 cm

Large Square

65 cm x 65 cm

Super King

50 cm x 90 cm

Most manufacturers are not going to consider adding the third dimension to their pillow sizing information, and that is thickness. This is another personal preference by the user.

The best way to buy a down pillow is to actually go to a store and test them out. Read labels, and learn what your wishes are in this type of product. Once you have a solid idea about what you are looking for, and then jump online to find it cheaper. There is an endless selection online, but if you don’t know what you are looking for, you could end up disappointed.

Care for your goose down pillow

Goose down pillows are expensive, especially if you splurge for one made of 100 percent goose down. They are difficult to care for as well. They have a tendency to become flatter and softer after the break-in time. Still, a great goose down pillow will retain its original characteristics for a long time.

Try not to get the pillow dirty at all. The best way to combat this is double pillow casing. By putting two on you lessen the chance of dirt, make-up, body oils and stains. Shake the pillow regularly to redistribute the down. If you have to clean it, it will require dry cleaning. Some people have successfully washed them at home, but remember this can take several hours, and if the pillow doesn’t completely dry, the dampness will ruin it. High temperatures also destroy down pillows, so use any heat around your down pillow cautiously.

In the long run, investing in a goose down pillow is worth the money. No other pillows quite hold up to that feeling a down pillow gives. And isn’t that a part of the most important quest to sleep well every single night?

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