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When it comes time for bed, the right comforter is going to make a huge difference in how well you rest at night. Down is the premiere choice because of the warmth and lightness symbolic of down comforters. Once you have experienced the ultimate sleep using a down comforter, you will always want to use this type of bedding.

You can choose from different types of down bedding like a duvet (which is even softer and more lightweight than a regular down comforter), down pillows, or even a down featherbed. Before you buy, know how to buy a quality comforter. We have compiled some helpful tips for your down comforter journey.

A Lofty Fill: Comforter filling

The biggest mistake people make is assuming a down comforter which states it is goose down is thinking it is actually 100 percent goose down. Beware the trick of cheap fillers which are used to make a comforter less expensive, even cheap. Duck Down is actually the most common filler used. In essence, a comforter made with duck down is going to have a lot of it inside in order to make the comforter heavier and thicker to resemble 100 percent goose down.

There are different types of goose down, and they are:

  • Hungarian goose down: Due to its largeness and density, this is the best type of goose down.
  • Cruelty-free goose down: This down comes from geese that are kept alive to harvest the feathers.
  • Chinese goose down: considered the lowest quality of goose down. It is eagerly harvested from the youngest of geese, and with that come young immature feathers. The feathers never get to develop to full potential bloom.
  • Siberian goose down: If you ever see a down comforter brag of Siberian goose down, walk away. This is a marketing ploy, as there is no such goose in Siberia, and this product is from China.

Any quality goose down comforters is going to have a ‘fill power’ rating. The rating represents the number of cubic inches per an ounce of down feathers will use there. A higher rating signifies the gooses down clusters are very dense and large. Goose down comforters that have a high fill rating will ultimately be warmer, and the feathers are going to be stronger, ultimately extending the lifespan of the comforter.

Ideally, you are going to want the highest fill power. Here is a chart explaining what to look for in fill for overall warmth and quality:

Fill Weight



Lower quality and very low amount of insulation


Low quality and low amount of insulation


Medium quality and warmth


Good quality and superior warmth

750 and up

Considered very good quality and incredibly warm

The most important decision you will make when buying a down comforter is whether you need a complete down comforter or a down-alternative comforter. The reason behind this is allergies. While it is not recommended for allergy sufferers, there are some genuine down comforters which through a special washing are supposed to help alleviate any allergy episodes.

Synthetic alternative down comforters are less expensive and will not bother those with any allergies. The downside is they are not as good at regulating the body temperature. As mentioned above, the more genuine down in the comforter, the heftier the price due to quality.

Always be thinking about your own sleeping habits when shopping for a down comforter. If you have a cool room at night, a thicker fill power like 600 and above is preferable. For a warm room, pick a down comforter that has a lighter fill power, which is anything 500 or below.

As you are shopping, stick your hand into the comforter and press a clump of the fiberfill between your thumb and finger. You should feel a slick and slippery touch, which means it, will not clump over time.

Stitching is equally as important. You are looking for stitching which forms a grid pattern; this is called baffle-box construction. Baffle-box construction keeps the cold gaps, clumping, and shifting away, similar to the old quilting techniques.

Aside from buying a down comforter, the next important purchase is a duvet cover. This protects your comforter from getting dirty, and down comforters can be very difficult to clean. Duvet covers come in a variety of styles, patterns, and prices. In the end, they are worth it, and will also keep your down comforter allergen-free.

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