4 Best Alternative Down Comforters 2016

Is there a simple way to tell which alternative comforter is going to be superior and as close to a down comforter as possible? Comforters are made from a variety of different materials with fillings from down to silk to fiberfill. Some comforters are easy to maintain while others are impossible. How do you avoid complete disappointment when you discover the alternative comforter you just bought is nothing like you hoped for?

This is a difficult answer. There are so many variables at play when trying to find quality. While some brand names come with reliable reputations, they can be more expensive and still not hold up well in the long run. Buying a superior alternative comforter at a fair price should not be bedding obstacle course. Hopefully, some of those questions can be answered here. To make it even easier we have included our picks for the 4 best alternatives to down comforters in 2016.

When shopping for an alternative comforter the focus is on construction, comfort, design, and ease of maintenance. The price of the comforter should be equivalent to how well it fulfills those four categories.

Construction is the key area if you are sensitive to some allergens .Down feathers are meticulously treated with hypoallergenic washes now. Allergy free poly fiber is a common material in alternative comforters. Consider one of these types of filling inside if you are trying to get as close to a down comforter as you can.

Hypodown: This is a combination of goose down and Syriaca clusters which are commonly used in comforters. Syriaca clusters derive from plant pods from Nebraska farms. Hypodown is a natural suppressor of dust and dander. It is the only natural hypoallergenic in all of the bedding industry. With a Hypodown comforter, you will find it is more breathable, durable and warmer than down alone. Those who suffer allergies can use Hypodown without reaction.

Silk: Silk is a natural textile woven into a hypoallergenic material. It is a strong alternative to down, known for the luxurious softness. Mulberry silk makes the best alternative comforters. This is a high-quality silk which is heavier than other silks. Most comforters filled with this silk are lightweight with 5 years being the average lifespan. Silk does have a slight natural odor when you first open the package. These are year round comforters.
There is a huge selection of alternative comforters available, and a wide variety of hypoallergenic fills. The following four are our picks based on construction, comfort, design, price and ease of maintenance.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

The satin feel of this popular comforter is actually a 100 percent polyester microfiber fill. Composed of a cotton batting, this comforter tends to measure on the small side but still delivering good value. It is easy to care for and is machine washable. While the comforter is a budget-friendly contender at only $40 dollars, you will discover it still delivers solid insulation for cold nights.

The upside: Quality at a low price, easy to clean

The downside: Slippery, tends to migrate on its own

Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious 300TC Sateen White Down Alternative

Natural Comfort gets high scores for easy maintenance. You can easily remove spills or stains with spot cleaning, and it is machine washable. It is also a luxurious 300 thread count. The fill is completely with 100 percent polyester and is completely hypoallergenic. People love the oversize options for this comforter. Customers have reported excellent results with Natural Comfort products. This comforter is offered at a realistic price of $70 dollars, which is comparable to the quality.

The upside: Easy to maintain, oversize options

The downside: low chance of shifting after wash

Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter

This hypoallergenic comforter is a gracious budget-conscious contender for top alternative comforters. It is made with 100 percent polyester microfiber fill with a baffle box construction to hold shape. Grand Down offers this comforter in a crisp neutral-color and is appropriate for all seasons. The 230 thread count provides softness and incredibly plush. This warm comforter is another easy maintenance bedding product set at only $53 dollars for those who want quality but need to watch their dollars.

The upside: inexpensive, good baffle

The downside: none

Clara Clark Alternative Goose Down Comforter

Clara Clark designed this comforter for maximum appeal. The alternative comforter is 100 percent polyester fill with luxurious box stitching. There is no need to regularly fluff because this is made so well. The comforter is unique with a brushed microfiber covering of strong linen meant to last. Designed for health, with allergy sufferers in mind, this quality comforter has a superior down-like feel. It is hard to believe you can get this bedding for only $32 dollars. That is exceptional value.

The upside: great overall value, well-made

The downside: thin, runs small

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